Production Line

Production Line

All Software Product Support :

1.Original Serial Key , 100% Activation Service, Life Time Warranty

2.Retail Pack And Oem Pack Sealed In Factory With Medias Inside.

OEM/ODM Profile

TURING accept OEM SERIVCE ,exact info of OEM scope please reference below points:

1.Software Language Oem Service.

“Most of software version is in English , part of them has Russian , French version in Stock, but we have such

advantage to make exact language which 100% match your market , this is a customized service here, with MOQ 1000pcs, and DVD Stamper original language version , we can make same language software in 30 work days basis of our moq . exact operation please feel free to contact . thank you for your cooperation”.

2.Coa Key Sticker Oem Service.

“Generally , we offer oem key sticker with original key 100% activation guarantee, but if customers have special demand for COA stick, we can offer relevant KEY printing service, such as brand demand: DELL,HP, LENOVO ,etc, and color of Sticker choices also be chosen by customer side, we print key code on sticker with professional printer and that can realize the best quality of COA stickers”