You say Windows 10 rotten? That’s because you will not use it

You say Windows 10 rotten? That’s because you will not use it

You say Windows 10 rotten? That’s because you will not use it
Recently, Microsoft announced that in order to better promote Windows 10, will be officially stopped on November 1 release and sale of new computers pre-installed Win7 / 8.1 system. But still a large part of the old users generally think the stability of the new system, poor compatibility, so even Microsoft will not upgrade for free. In fact, Microsoft Windows 10 has a very beautiful UI and friendly user-friendly interface, but you did not find. In this operating system, we still see a lot of pleasant little changes, maybe they will not be as conspicuous as the Start menu, but in the end will be more convenient for our daily use.
Quick uninstall and lock screen

In Windows 7 system, uninstall the software is very troublesome, only through the “Control Panel” option “Programs and Features” to uninstall, and now Windows 10 simplifies the problem, in the Start menu, click the right mouse button program list quickly Reach the purpose of unloading.
Quick lock screen

Usually we use the shortcut key “Windows + L” to achieve the purpose of fast lock screen, Windows 10 support cross-platform is its greatest feature. In particular, support for tablets and touch screens is increasing. It is inconvenient to press two buttons at the same time without an external keyboard. Selecting the “lock screen” is much easier by clicking on the user name in the Start menu.
Custom quick access
The biggest change in Win 10 in addition to reflected in the interface, the “My Computer” change is also very obvious. In addition to changing the name to “File Explorer,” the open interface has also changed, and “quick access” can be said to be very handy to use.
In previous versions of Windows, open “My Computer”, the left taskbar appears on the screen only the different partitions on your computer disk; However, this time in Windows 10 next to the new “quick access” bar, which above Will list the specific folders you have recently opened for your convenience; at the same time, you can also manually pin them to the “Quick Access” column. At the same time, you can also be in the “File Explorer” will be any folder fixed to the “quick access” column.
Windows store watching video without ads
With the development of science and technology, more and more people like to watch TV movies, but in most players have pre-show ads, some 20 seconds, and some one minute, or even 4 minutes of advertising, what are the ways Avoid these annoying? In fact, as long as the installation of Windows 10 application store, watch the video no longer advertising it.
What are you waiting for? Not fast to upgrade.

Post time: Mar-06-2019