The same screen demo 3 sets of photos is that? 0 tools will be able to achieve

The same screen demo 3 sets of photos is that? 0 tools will be able to achieve

The same screen demo 3 sets of photos is that? 0 tools will be able to achieve

Windows 10 has the ability to automatically show pictures. If you have three different sets of photos that you need to demonstrate, you can do a side-by-side stand-alone demonstration with three different methods built into the system without the aid of third-party tools.

1. Three positions to enter the slide show slideshow

“Background slideshow” demo

Through Windows 10 “Settings → Personalization → Background” into the background settings window, the presentation will be selected as the “Slideshow”, use the “Browse” button to the picture object point to the photo folder, set the interval (for example, 10 minutes for a Zhang), so the desktop background will automatically change the set time to demonstrate photos.

“Lock Screen Slideshow” demo

Through Windows 10 “Settings → Personalize → Lock Screen” into the lock screen settings window, the background mode is set to “slide show”, add a photo folder. Set “Screen Timeout” in Power Management to a longer time so that the screen does not automatically turn off or simply set to “Never”. So enter the automatic lock screen or manually lock the computer, you can demonstrate the picture.

Screensaver slideshow

Through Windows 10 “Settings → Personalization → Lock Screen” to enter the lock screen settings window, select “Screen Saver Settings”, set a shorter departure time (for example, 1 minute), the screen saver is set to ” Photo “; point the photo to the photo folder and set the photo slideshow speed. So when 1 minute does not operate the computer, the screen automatically with the picture screensaver way to demonstrate the photos.

2. Photo classification storage to achieve separate presentation

To three different sets of independent parallel demonstration of the photo, you can not use the same method, or each time you need to reset the photo destination folder, the operation is too much trouble. Three sets of photos to be stored separately. Suppose three sets of photos were saved in “life photo”, “travel photo”, “work photo” and other folders. After that, just apply one of the above methods for each photo for a stand-alone presentation. Three sets of photos in parallel, non-interference.


When each photo needs to be updated, just add or replace the photos in the three folders, other settings are not on the tube.

Post time: Dec-02-2019