Microsoft vowed: windows 10 another big move!

Microsoft vowed: windows 10 another big move!

Microsoft vowed: windows 10 another big move!

Tab familiar in the Google Chrome browser, quickly popularized in the desktop application, which is more convenient than the previous IE multi-window to a lot of.

It has been said that Microsoft will enable global multi-tabging in Windows 10, such as starting with Explorer, and it now appears that action has been deployed.


Today, Microsoft officially announced Sets, a key feature of Windows 10 in the future that enables multiple functions of main and extension in an APP through multi-tagging.

Microsoft to Office for example, the normal creation of the word document is the main tab, right-click to activate the Office extensions page (Edge browser), including cloud documents, search, historical documents, etc., such as the demonstration in the new tab opens OneNote . At the same time, any page hyperlink in the first two panes activates the third tab.


Actually, we have seen similar forms in software such as WPS (document multi-label), Thunder (embedded webpage function), and even a bit like Chrome OS, just running any APP by browser. However, Microsoft’s Sets, everything smoother and more natural.

WMPU said that this is the biggest change in Microsoft’s system UI since Win95, replacing the previous application of new Floating Top and Overlapping Logic.


Windows 10 is better than I can imagine. Why are you still using Windows 7?

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Post time: Sep-30-2019