Microsoft Cortana new face: more like a personal assistant

Microsoft Cortana new face: more like a personal assistant

Microsoft Cortana new face: more like a personal assistant

As early as 2014, Microsoft Cortana formally came with the release of Windows 8.1 Update. Microsoft defines it as “Personal Assistant”.

However, the opposite of Microsoft’s vision is that as artificial intelligence is still relatively “mentally retarded” at the moment, Cortana was more the object of ridicule for everyone at the very beginning of his career. For example, Cortana sang and jokes.

Although Microsoft Windows 10 system continue to give Cortana new capabilities, but still its “personal assistant” is a bit far from positioning.

Currently, Microsoft has re-designed Cortana, Hana’s notebook label has been redesigned, compared to the current long series of entries, the redesign of the “notebook” is quite simple and clear, and only to-do and Skill management of two labels, and from the original tabular arrangement into a left and right labels.

Back to the “personal assistant” label, this from the old to new design changes are actually easy to understand. The original is Microsoft to show people a series of things that Cortana can do, choose to give you information or something else, after the revision is directly to the information you want.

For example, if you order a meal at a familiar restaurant, it turns out that the front desk gives you a menu, and then you have to look open, select, and then confirm. After the revision is to the store directly after the front desk that I want a steak, and then a good blanket front, finish thing.

It can be said that such a revision is more in line with Cortana “personal assistant” positioning, I do not need you have a lot of skills, just need you can give me the information I want just fine.

Post time: Aug-24-2020