Break through the Windows 10 restore restricted this wave operation must have

Break through the Windows 10 restore restricted this wave operation must have

Break through the Windows 10 restore restricted this wave operation must have

System protection in Windows 10 There are many ways, system restore is one of them. System Restore also has a restricted area, such as the establishment of two restore points strict default time limit is a threshold. But the threshold is not a breakthrough, we have to cut the threshold.

System restore point through the system protection window to establish, can also be established by the system command. If you set up through the system protection window, to select “Enable System Protection” and configure the amount of disk space used to create. If established by the system command, you must enter the Checkpoint-Computer command in the Administrator-mode PowerShell windows and create a restore point name.

However, the creation of restore point strict time interval limit, if you create a system restore point after another operation changes, you want to create another restore point, and the two time interval is too short, then you can not prompt to create The reason for the new restore point, given the inability to create, was that the creation time interval did not exceed the system-specified 1440 minute (ie 24 hour) time limit.

By modifying the registry, you can shorten the time interval for creating system restore points. Press the Win + R key combination to start the run window, run the REGEDIT command to start the registry editor, locate the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionSystemRestore”, create a new DWORD (32 bit) value; the new value Change the name to SystemRestorePointCreationFrequency. Double-click the item and select Radix Type as Decimal. Enter the number of intervals (in minutes) for Value Data. For example, enter 30 to change to twice the restore point creation time of at least 30 minutes. OK to restart to make the settings take effect.

Tips: How to lift the system restore function

If the System Restore feature is disabled, check the Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider service in the System Services window and click the Start button to manually start the service. If you are using a Windows Advanced with Group Policy feature, you can also set two System Restore-related options to Unconfigured or Disabled using the Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → System → System Restore path in Group Policy “status.

Post time: Nov-25-2019