A Great Leap- Why We Individual User Choose Windows 8.1

A Great Leap- Why We Individual User Choose Windows 8.1

Compared with the previous version Windows 8, our Windows 8.1 care more about our clients’ needs, both business entity and individual. 8.1 Version has a quicker response to our clients’ feedback and a more enjoyful touching experience. More improvements on built-in apps, cloud connect and search are added.

If you buy Windows 8.1, you can navigate a more personalized world. The feeling is like you are hanging out in a world you created for yourself.

Function of Personalization of Windows 8.1

Window 8 users can show their family’s picture on table, but we Windows 8.1 users can show a slide show of whatever picture they want others see on table. More fantastic function is bulit-in camera can help us users catch some moments.

For the very beginning of booting up your laptop, Windows 8.1 gives you more colors to choose and even a motion Start Screen.

You can even choose your background picture for your Start Screen. Windows 8.1 want our users enjoy more familiarity.

There are too much apps in your PCDon’t worry about it. In this time-efficiency required world, Windows 8.1 assistant enable you view all apps with the glimpse and click of the bottom. Some apps you really fall in love with, you can put them on Start Screen , others makes you feel just so so, you can view them in the bottom.

Whatever apps you love , you could pin them on the Start Screen..

Why wait, come and join us Windows 8.1 family. Please contact us, welcome your inquiry.

Post time: Nov-28-2018