Which version of Windows 10 is good?The difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro

Which version of Windows 10 is good?The difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro

Which version of Windows 10 is good?The difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro

Xiaobian brought “Look back at the history of Microsoft Windows” a detailed introduction to the various versions of Windows development, I believe many computer enthusiasts friends have experience on the Windows 10 operating system. However, many Windows 10 versions, many small partners often ask which version of Windows 10 is good. Ordinary personal and public users mainly choose Windows 10 Home and Pro these two versions, if you want to say which version of Windows 10 is good, you only need to contrast Home and Pro distinction on it, let’s look at it in detail.


Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home is aimed at ordinary individuals and home users, including the new Windows 10 App Store, Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Continuum and Windows Hello and more.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Professional mainly for computer technology enthusiasts and corporate technical staff, in addition to the Windows 10 Home included App Store, Edge, Cortana, Windows Hello, etc., the main increase of some security and office functions. For example, allowing users to manage devices and applications, protecting sensitive corporate data, supporting remote and mobile productivity scenarios, and cloud technology support. There are also a number of built-in Windows 10 enhanced technologies. This includes Group Policy, Bitlocker Drive Encryption, Remote Access Service, Domain Name Connection, and the Enterprise Update for Business edition in this edition is also a highlight, which gives business managers faster access to security updates and controls for updated deployments.

In addition, Windows 10 Professional Edition also for large-screen tablet PCs, laptops, PC flat combo desktop and other desktop devices.

Price, for genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can release a free upgrade to Windows 10 system within one year of the official version of Windows 10, but for the pirated users or new installed users, if you want to experience genuine Windows 10, still need to buy. For specific pricing, Windows 10 Home costs $ 119; Windows 10 Pro costs $ 199.


Which version of Windows 10 is good?

From the Windows 10 Home and Pro contrast, Windows 10 Pro is more powerful than Windows 10 Home, but the price is more expensive. In addition to a series of Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 enhanced technology for ordinary users are basically not used, more also seems less system is less streamlined, so the average individual or home users choose the best Windows 10 Home or.

It is worth mentioning that, Windows 10 Home users can also upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, upgrade costs 80 US dollars.

The difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro

What is the difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro? I believe this is a problem that many people know. Xiaobian simple to say.

The difference is that Windows 10 Home is cheaper and cheaper than Windows 10 Pro for a full $ 80.

The difference between the two, Windows 10 Pro functionality will be more powerful, but for general use almost meaningless.

The difference between three, for those who have the encryption needs of the office, Windows 10 Pro can provide the features you want.

Well, the difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro, I believe we can simply distinguish, hoping to give you a reference to buy Windows 10.

Overall, the Windows 10 version is more, but the public is not open to the release version (Volume Licensing version of VOL), and specifically designed for mobile platforms, Windows 10 Mobile, the most closely related to us Home and Pro two camps

For some like to study computer technology or related development technicians, Windows 10 Pro built-in a series of Windows 10 enhanced technology is very useful, so for technical control or corporate technical staff, you must choose Windows 10 Pro.2 3 1

Post time: Sep-30-2019